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6th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Sept. 21, 2012, 5:00 Doors Open
Big Room
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, CA

Where Activism Gets Inspired

PosterThat's the theme of the 6th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival to be held at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room on September 21st. Doors open at 5:00. Films start at 6:00. John Seid and Friends, is providing the music and the Sierra Nevada Pub is preparing the Farmers' Market buffet. Bring your checkbook to buy some great silent auction items. Buy your tickets in advance and get a better deal.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is a benefit for the Friends of Butte Creek. Films this year "where activism gets inspired" will surely inspire you. too.

  • Doors open at 5:00.
  • Farmers' Market Buffet at 5:15 (reserve your dinner now)
  • Uunique items in the Silent Auction
  • Music and free drawings!  
  • Films start at 6:00.  

Advance Ticket Prices

  • $15 (Adult – films only)
  • $9 (Youth under age 17 – films only)
  • $24 (Youth - Films and Buffet)
  • $30 (Adult - Films and Buffet)
  • $35 (Adult - Films and Buffet and Membership)

Buy your tickets at Pure Skin and Chico Natural Foods Coop, or online at: Brown Paper Tickets

More information, call: Pamela at 893-0360 or Liz at 345-1865.

Friends of Butte Creek works to raise awareness and to provide protection for the future of the Last Best Run of Spring Run Salmon in California.  

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Pure Skin Mother Jones

One Plastic Beach

One Plastic Beach Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang have been collecting plastic debris off one beach in Northern California for over ten years. Each piece of plastic Richard and Judith pick up comes back to their house, where it gets cleaned, categorized and stored before being used for their art. The couple make sculptures, prints, jewelry and installations with the plastic they find washed up, raising a deeper concern with the problem of plastic pollution in our seas.

Towers of the Ennedi

Towers of the Ennedi Follow climbers Mark Synnott, Alex Honnold and James Pearson as they travel across the roadless, windswept deserts of northeastern Chad. Basing their expedition on nothing more than a few photographs and rumors of a promised land with countless unclimbed sandstone towers, Mark’s insatiable thirst for adventure and first ascents leads the small crew deep into the spectacular landscape of the Ennedi desert. In their search for unclimbed sandstone towers, the team finds much more than climbing in this film about risk and the arc of a climber’s career.

Poppy’s Promise

Poppy’s Promise The cornfield – just an area for producing food … or a land full of secrets? In the western industrial nations cornfields and woods take up the greatest proportion of rural land. But how much natural life dwells in a cornfield? Why are some inhabitants harmful and others useful and what do the colourful flowers at the edge of the field promise us? The film introduces the surprisingly large diversity of field inhabitants. We follow a hamster family through a season full of adventures and are drawn into an unknown world – a world of which we thought we knew everything about.


IceAn out of the box environmental thriller, “Ice” aims to promote a message of climate change awareness by using the cinematic medium for whats its best at, affecting people at an emotional level. The film adopts a thriller style narrative, keeping the audience guessing until the very end. 

The Craziest Idea

The Craziest Idea2011 was an historic year for rivers.  The two dam removal projects that began as “crazy ideas” 30 years ago kicked off this year on the Elwha and White Salmon Rivers in Washington. These dam removal projects are the largest in history and represent a turning point in the effort to restore freeflowing rivers for salmon, recreation and culture.  The climactic moment of the year was the explosive breach of 125 foot tall Condit Dam on the White Salmon, captured using video and timelapse photography techniques.

Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands

Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands The bald eagle was once and important avian predator in the channel Islands. Then in the early 60's the bald eagles disappeared due to egg collecting, hunting and DDT contamination. This short film chronicles how a dedicated team of biologists and their partners have been working tirelessly for decades to bring the bald eagles back to the Channel Islands.

Escualos: Young Chilean Kayakers of the Río Baker

Escualos: Young Chilean Kayakers of the Río BakerFor the past 12 years, Club Náutico Escualo, a youth kayak club in the remote Patagonian town of Cochrane, Chile has taught kids between the ages of 4 and 18 to kayak on the emerald waters of the nearby Baker River. In the process the club has fostered integrity, community, and love for the environment. Now the Baker is threatened by the construction of two mega dams that would destroy the river and one of the last four-great wildernesses on earth, while forever altering the town of Cochrane and the lives of the Escualos.

Connecting the Gems

Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel IslandsFollow two National Geographic Adventurers of the Year on a 520-mile trek through one of the Northern Rockies’ premiere wildlife corridors. The two hikers traverse the Yellowstone to Frank Church region, paying particular attention to large carnivores and the challenges they face as they journey between these two ecosystem ‘gems.’