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Mission Statement:

The Friends of Butte Creek work to protect, restore and enhance the natural habitats of wildlife in the Butte Creek Watershed.

The Friends of Butte Creek evolved from the early efforts to create a collaborative community-based organization in the Butte Creek Watershed. When it became clear that environmental concerns and opinions were being ignored, FBC formed in 1999 to advocate for stronger environmental review, protection and enhancements to the watershed.

PGE operations have had a dramatic impact on the fishery of Butte Creek, both good and bad. FBC has been the only non-profit group involved in the relicensing of the DeSabla-Centerville Project (listed under the projects button). We have spent dozens of days in meetings and writing comments trying to work with the state and federal agencies to ensure that the benefits of the project are justified and the negative impact to the fish and wildlife of the Butte Creek and West Branch Feather River are minimized. The West Branch is severely dewatered to increase PGE power production. Benefits of this added water to the fishery of Butte Creek are not well studied and may actually create more problems than benefits. Studies underway may reveal opportunities to restore some of the habitat of the West Branch while maintaining a strong, viable fishery on Butte Creek.

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